Yay!! 3 Hair Tips As Promised...


Did you know....

That the one thing that gives away our age quicker, other than our neck and hands... is our hair?

I know that when thinking about "aging" and "hair," we automatically think that we either have to go full on grey and we have to try our best to camouflage the grey. Aging hair goes SO much further than grey, so here's some tips to help give life back to your hair.

  • As we age, our hair naturally thins , the amount you lose can be contingent upon both genetics and hormone fluctuation/levels. The best thing you can do? Change up your hair part! Use a root lifter when blow drying your hair and maybe even a dry shampoo (even on clean hair) to add volume/texture to help hold your hair style. AG BigWigg Volume Mousse and AG's dry shampoo are two of my most trusted thicker-hair secret weapons!

  • Aging hair can appear flat and dull. Our hair over time begins to look very matte and mousy. If you haven't considered a shine product, now might be a great time to experiment. Many have lighter formulations and won't make the hair greasy, BioSilk serum is my absolute favorite! Also trying a Gloss service can also add shine to your hair whether you have colored hair or natural hair.

  • I'm not necessarily into promoting a "age appropriate haircut" for "women of a certain age." In fact, I have found that depend on face shape sometimes going a bit longer might be just what you need to take off 5-10 years! As long as your hair is thick enough to support the added length, I say why not! And even then if you don't have the length you can always add hair extensions to give more fullness in your hair. But going somewhere around the collarbone seems to be universally flattering on many of my clients. You can soften your overall look by adding layers, or even adding bangs (if it fits your face shape).


  • Styling your hair with texture is so helpful. Loose curls and beach waves soften up a look and add great versatility to your 'do. With the right products, your Monday morning style can easily last you 3-5 days with very little daily maintenance! The KEY is setting your style ( at your next appointment, ask me to show you how to set your style)

  • Keep your hair color dimensional. Keeping various tones in the hair will help to confuse the eye of the onlooker and help to camouflage any aging-related as well as keep the hair from looking matte and dull.

  • Highlights should only be 3-4 levels lighter than your base color...and your base color needs to be within 1-2 levels of your natural color. Opting for a softer color look and less of a high-contrast palette.

  • If you're more than 50% grey, and don't want to deal with higher-maintenance, total grey-coverage looks, grey-blending can be a great option! Finely weaving in a soft, lighter brown or mid-tone blonde in with your silver strands and natural color can be a great option to change up your look.

  • But which colors to pick? Remember, as we age we lose pigment in both our hair and our skin! Adding back rich undertones you're missing will give you an overall healthier, more youthful glow. Regardless of how light you're wanting to go, be sure to add gold/warmth to hair formulas.

Now, that was A LOT! We're there any A-HA! moments for you, maybe something that you'll be trying out at home....or requesting at your next salon visit?

Leave a comment down below and let me know what YOUR A-HA Moment was? And I'll send you a special gift...

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