I look forward to meeting you! 



I know that finding a new stylist can be a challenge. The first visit is like going on a first date... awkward, right? So I want to make the introductory phase as painless as possible for you by starting the process, right here, online. 


 Fill out the Virtual consultation form below, it can give me an idea of what your hair needs and desired hair goals are. Shortly after you'll receive a email were I'll assist you on booking your first appointment correctly. Once an appointment is booked, you'll receive a welcome email with first visit details. I want to ensure that your first visit is seamless.


If you choose to opt out of the online questionnaire because you're more of a one on one kinda gal, that's absolutely okay, but you'll need to book a New Guest Consultation. After your consultation in the salon we can book your First Visit Appointment then. 

So, let's get started! 

What to Expect....


New Guest Appointment

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Your experience starts online...


The "new guest" category allots time for a thorough consultation plus a treatment.

Next, you will receive an appointment confirmation.

When you arrive to the salon,

I'll offer you a beverage and you'll settle in. Then will start the consultation by quickly chatting about your lifestyle and hair goals. We'll go over your inspiration pictures to get an idea of what you like or what you don't, we'll discuss what will work for you and then make a plan not only for this visit, but for future visits as well.

Once the appointment begins it's up to you whether you want to chat or have a moment to yourself checking emails or closing your eyes to relax is totally up to you. Whatever makes you comfortable and happy! 

During the appointment I will share my hair tips and tricks as well as product recommendations so that you can duplicate what I'm doing at home. The goal is to ensure that all your hair needs are met. 


We'll wrap it up by setting up your next appointment as well as choosing the proper hair care for you at home. 


  • A cozy, light, bright, and stylish atmosphere

  • Bond Builder in every lightening session

  • Keurig coffee, tea, mini sodas, bottled water, gourmet chocolates, and a scrumptious variety of snack option

  • Wifi

  • Referral Rewards program 

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I am located at Phenix Salon Suites in the Town Center location, 
4505 Columbus Street  #103
Virginia Beach, VA 23462. 
Studio Suite 102

The salon is located on Columbus Street between Town Center Drive and Constitution Drive . 

Parking is available behind the brick building you can enter through the back entrance. There is a sign on the door stated Main Entrance. Once you enter you will walk in and take a left at the restrooms. Taking that  hallway until you reach the front entrance, I am the first suite on the left after the wall  fountain on the right. Again Studio Suite 102...
Also in the area is Town Center Pediatrics at Columbus , Law Firm for Men, H&R Block, & 1st Advantage Federal Credit  Union Bank.