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Are Keratin Hair Extensions Suitable For Me?

They are suitable for many hair type from finest to thickest.

That is what makes keratin extensions the most preferred method for me.

I can easily customize them to your hair needs.

What Kind Of Hair Is Used?

The highest quality 100% human remy hair sourced from only healthy, all-natural human hair.

Can You Match My Hair Color And Texture?

The hair extensions come in many different colors, textures and length. As your extension specialist I will combine

different colors to add dimension and create a more natural look as well as custom colors if needed.

I Have Short Hair Can I Get Extentsions?

I highly recommend you book a New Guest Consultation and lets discuss and create a plan together.


Does It Hurt?

Properly applied extensions will not hurt. You can experience some discomfort a few days after the application due to

adjusting to the weight of hair. 


How Are They Applied?

The technique involves connecting extensions to hair with keratin bonds. (Yes, that same keratin

protein that your hair is made of!) They resemble small rice beads.


How Are They Removed?

A special solution is applied to the bond and causes it to dissolve therefore the extensions will slide right out of your hair.


How Long Does The Process Take?

Extensions for volume will take about 1-2 hours and a full head can take up to 4 hours.

But I do offer customizing, so if you just need a few on your thin or short side that could take as less as 30 minutes.


What Is The Maintenance For Keratin Extensions?

I highly recommned you come in every 8 weeks for a shampoo and blowout.

During that time I can make sure that your extensions are staying in the best shape possible.



How Will I Wash And Brush My Hair?

You can wash, brush and style your extensions just like your natural hair.

It is also very important to use professional shampoo and conditioner.

As well as occasionally using a hair mask on just your ends to keep the hair in the best shape.

A natural boar bristle brush will become your best friend.



Is It Normal For Some Of The Extensions To Fall Out On Its Own?

Some extensions can loosen up and slide out over time especially after 3 months.

Anywhere from 5-10 pieces a month is considered normal shedding or especiallly when its almost time to replace them.



Can I Have My Hair Colored With Keratin Extensions?

Your natural hair can be highlighted and colored while you have the extensions in.



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